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About Us

60 Years of Outstanding Commercial Heating & Cooling Service

General Refrigeration was founded in 1952 by Chuck Cottingham with his partner Henry Smith after leaving Art Wolf Refrigeration. The shop they occupied was in the back of a then prospering Keegan Brothers Equipment who sold kitchen equipment, much of which was refrigerated giving Chuck and Henry the opportunity to service and install this equipment.

Keegan Brothers was in the process of constructing a new building at this time so Chuck set out to find General a new home, eventually taking up shop at 184 N La Fox in South Elgin.

When Henry Smith passed away Chuck brought on two new partners, Al Meyer and Hank Johnson, both formerly of Art Wolf Refrigeration. Eventually Chuck remained the sole owner. In 1965, General began doing supermarket installation work for Eagle Foods and hired Richard Marple to help handle the extra work load. Thus began the modern era of General Refrigeration, Richard is still with the company today and is enjoying a part-time retirement. Business continued to grow and evolve with the ever changing technology and customer demand for efficiency and cost savings.

General attracted the attention of Reedy Industries in 1980 as Chuck was looking to sell the business and retire after a long and prosperous career. Reedy purchased General in 1980 and has been an invaluable partner with General ever since. General’s customer base and work force was greatly enhanced when Reedy purchased and merged Anderson Brothers Refrigeration with General in 2005 and then added Commercial Mechanical in 2010. All three companies are successfully operating as one and prospering with a new revitalization in this current challenging era.

Our parent company, Reedy Industries, is a high-growth HVAC services company that transforms our industry through extraordinary people, unique customer-centered solutions, and unprecedented results.

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