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Of all of the recurring questions we get here at General Mechanical, “Do I really need maintenance?” may be the most common. That, or the very similar: “Is it worth it?”

These are very good questions, and ones we are uniquely well equipped to answer. Have you been struggling over whether or not to sign up for a maintenance program, or wondering if it could benefit your business? Follow along with our maintenance specialists while we detail the service’s importance, and what you stand to gain from it.

Why AC Maintenance is Important for Chicago Businesses

There are a few goals that every business strives to achieve. Productivity is the big one, of course. And cost-efficiency is also very high on the list, as well as dependability in daily operations and mechanical equipment. To meet these goals maintenance is imperative.

You seek maintenance for an air conditioner for the same reason you maintain a car or truck. In order to preserve its effectiveness, protect it, and reduce possible costs and risks. A tune-up keeps a vehicle from breaking down and improves gas mileage. In the same way, an air conditioner tune-up ensures the system runs efficiently, reduces the risks of a mid-season breakdown, and keeps the performance of the system high.

In short, it’s about protection and preservation, and about getting the most out of what is a fairly high investment.

The Advantages You Gain from Commercial AC Maintenance

Possibly the best thing to be said about maintenance is that it’s not one of those invisible or sometimes-valuable sorts of things. Proper professional maintenance, when administered routinely, offers real and noticeable benefits. When kept up with, you can expect:

  • A noteworthy impact on energy-efficiency. As air conditioning systems age, they tend to perform far less effectively, and the efficiency of the unit is often the first thing to go. Systems that receive the cleaning and routine calibrations that a maintenance program will provide retain their efficiency for much longer, translating directly into long-term cost savings.
  • Higher comfort levels. A well-optimized system will cool your business as well as it did the day it was installed through improved air flow, increased performance, and maximized component operations.
  • Minimized repair costs. It’s a fact that the majority of repair services our team handles could have been absolutely prevented if the business has been maintaining their HVAC equipment. Clean, well-lubricated systems avoid many of the most common causes for downtime and breakdowns!
  • Extended equipment longevity. Most commercial cooling systems are rated to last between 15 or so years before needing to be replaced. However, this estimation takes into account that the system was reasonably maintained! Without appropriate service, you can cut the life expectancy of an air conditioner in half. The difference is considerable, and especially when we’re talking about a system that represents a fairly large investment that you would rather not repeat prematurely.

Complete Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance in Chicago, IL

Ready to ensure your cooling systems get the care and specialized services they need in order to keep them dependable and cost-efficient? The leading mechanical experts at General Mechanical can provide! We’ve been offering a full complement of maintenance services, as well as custom maintenance programs, to clients in Chicago for over three decades.

Contact our team online to learn more about the advantages of our professional commercial AC maintenance services in Chicago!