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How humid would you say your business is on average? Maybe a little more moist than you might like? Or if you’re like most of us in the Chicago area you might be more likely to say much more humid than you might like. We get lots of moisture up here in Northern Illinois, after all, and this can often make keeping comfortable quite challenging.

But there are even more things than comfort alone you should be considering when it comes to regulating the humidity levels in your business. Follow along with the General Mechanical team while we discuss what makes commercial dehumidification an important part of a successful commercial business!

What Makes Dehumidification So Important?

The humidity level in your business plays into a wide array of important factors for your business, each of which alone is enough to warrant considering revamping your dehumidification and exhaust systems:

  • Humidity makes comfort a challenge. If you go into the company kitchen and dab water on your arms you’ll probably notice that the standard 72 degrees you keep your business suddenly feels a lot less comfortable. That’s because when moisture clings to our skin we perceive temperatures far more vividly. What might be a cool room feels clammy instead, and a warm room goes from cozy to cloying.
  • It drops HVAC energy-efficiency. Cooling systems also dehumidify in additional to actually producing cool air. But the dehumidification is a byproduct of how the system operates and isn’t a primary function. If the air in your business is too humid the AC can never actually get around to cooling, which means it’s working very hard and achieving very little, translating to higher energy or fuel costs.
  • It can endanger vital equipment. Pouring a cup of water on electrical or mechanical equipment sounds like a bad idea, yeah? Well, that’s kind of what’s happening if your business is too humid. It’s slower and a lot less dramatic, but the result is quite similar—rapidly degenerating or prematurely broken down equipment.
  • Moisture breeds mold and bacteria. Employee and client health is always of the utmost importance. And if you work in an industry with a large volume of either you’ll know quite well that illness can spread fast. High humidity can play a role in this, both in providing bacteria an environment where it can thrive and in air that more readily carries communicable illnesses.
  • It can endanger assets and stock. Do you work in food service, hospitality, chemical production, or any other business or industry where stock is kept on-site? If so you should absolutely have a dehumidification system in place and operating optimally, lest you put important and costly materials to risk.

Commercial Dehumidification Services & Solutions in Chicago

The good news is that if you don’t currently have a dehumidification and exhaust system in place, you need do very little to get what you need. General Mechanical in Chicago offers leading dehumidification services! We can help you every step of the way, from design and installation, to maintenance and upkeep. All you need to do is contact our team today!