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Whether you operate or manage a commercial business in the Chicago area, you’re likely well aware of how much time, energy, and resources go into maintaining comfort while mitigating cost. Minimizing your energy use can help you to reach goals more efficiently and cost-effectively, which is why we’re going to take a moment to cover ways for you to reduce your use while not losing even a bit of heating or cooling. The target: your HVAC system.

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Starting Fresh

Before we dig into the cost-saving tips, tricks, and other bits, we would like to ask: how old is your current heating and cooling equipment? If the answer is 15 years old or older, then we would like to start by heartily recommending a look into replacement. A modern RTU (rooftop unit) can can outperform an old unit by tens of percentages—a rough minimum of 20%, and occasionally as high as 50%.

The difference is monumental, and energy benefits aren’t the only thing you’ll see. A new, updated unit can also vastly improve your building’s air quality, and also reduces your carbon footprint appreciably. Then there’s the higher overall comfort, which is a huge boon come the frigid Chicago winter season.

Or Updating Your Current System

Not quite ready to let go of what you’ve got? We understand that! You’ve got another good option in retrofitting or updating your system’s controls. A system that was installed five to eight years ago can benefit from a comprehensive energy management plan, as well as the addition of more sophisticated control and monitoring systems. The process is quick and painless in the hands of a pro, and the benefits can give you a big boost in efficiency and sustainability while also helping to maintain the integrity of your system.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

The simplest and most vital portion of controlling quality and boosting efficiency lies in routine maintenance—both on the part of the business, and the part of the specialists you count on for professional service. We say it’s simple, but the fact is it is often ignored. You can lose out on a lot of benefits, as well as reduce the lifespan of your RTU by years by failing to keep up with maintenance. So don’t be that guy. Be sure these are handled:

Regular filter changes can account for a large boost in air quality and can reduce energy consumption by 5, 10, even 15% or more. It’s a fast and easy job, and absolutely worth it.

Component checks and lubrication are also a big way to reduce downtime, breakdowns, and energy use.

Complete Maintenance & Heating Services in Chicago, Illinois

Bottom line: keep up with your equipment and you’ll stay ahead on energy use. What you need is a team of experts with the skill, knowledge, and history of success needed to ensure you stay covered all year long.

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