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It doesn’t take much to understand that your business depends pretty heavily upon proper heating and cooling equipment. No matter what kind of business you’re in, be it retail, manufacturing, hospitality, or anything else, your Chicago clients and employees need proper equipment in place to stay healthy and comfortable!

That said, HVAC equipment isn’t cheap, so it can be hard to commit to the investment an upgrade or update requires when it comes time. You might be both glad and surprised to find, though, that there are many situations where updating at the right time can save you money. Follow along with the experts at General Mechanical while we detail the best benefits to an HVAC update.

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The Benefits of a System Upgrade

While a new system certainly means an upfront investment, you actually stand to gain a good deal more than you put in. Provided you work with experts who can optimize your new equipment you can expect:

  • Lower energy/fuel costs. Every single year, heating and cooling technology gets better, more powerful, and more efficient. That means replacing a ten or even five year old commercial HVAC system can net you considerably higher fuel and energy efficiency, resulting in direct long-term savings.
  • Higher system performance. Does your current equipment take hours to actually get results, or are there long spaces between cycles that result in excessive temperature variance? New, expertly designed and installed systems won’t have that problem.
  • Improved employee and client comfort. Both of these factions are the lifeblood of your business, meaning their health and comfort are a top priority. New equipment means comfort is never an issue and health is never compromised.
  • Air quality advantages. Modern heating, cooling, and air handling equipment has made huge advancements in controlling and improving air quality via exhaust systems, more sophisticated filtration, and more. This makes new HVAC upgrades particularly advantageous for businesses that frequently wrestle with air quality issues like dust, dander, chemical odors, and other issues.

Four Times When Updates are Necessary

The biggest situations that make replacement or upgrading necessary are:

  • Your current equipment is too old. Commercial equipment tends to last roughly between 10-15 years, sometimes 20, depending on the type of product.
  • Your business is expanding. An increase in square footage means you must develop a new HVAC system to accommodate.
  • Your energy management plan is being updated. Many companies looking to modernize, reduce their carbon footprint, and lower energy costs are suggested to start with new HVAC equipment.
  • You’re facing new challenges. A business dealing with numerous at-risk situations or complaints about workplace health needs to find quick, concise solutions. New HVAC might be the perfect fit.

Commercial HVAC Design and Build with General Mechanical

Whether you’re ready to invest in the perks of a new HVAC system or you’re just ready to find out more, the service and mechanical experts at General Mechanical can help.

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