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Air-Cooled Condensing Unit Maintenance in Chicago, IL

Air-cooled condensing units, as is the case with any equipment with moving parts, require regular preventative maintenance in order to preserve the quality of their performance. Keeping up with maintenance is crucial to your industrial or commercial business so that you can avoid costly breakdowns which are likely to stop work and curtail productivity.

General Mechanical Services provides air-cooled condensing unit maintenance programs for commercial HVAC equipment throughout Chicagoland to keep them in top working condition and extend the working life of the units. Our technicians have the tools, parts and experience needed to service your equipment, giving you the confidence that your commercial condensing units are in the best possible handsfor maintenance.

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Why Maintenance Matters for Air-Cooled Condensing Units

Preventative maintenance is particularly crucial for air-cooled condensing units because the coils within the equipment tend to collect dirt and grime. As this accumulates, the discharge pressure increases, thereby reducing refrigerating capacity, increasing energy usage, and curtailing the life of the unit. Your energy usage can jump by 10 to 30 percent before the units break down completely. This build up causes the unit working harder and longer to achieve the desired temperature. When you multiply this inefficiency by numerous units, your energy costs can skyrocket. Discharge pressure must be kept within target levels to ensure efficient operation, making consistent maintenance vital to the operation of your business.

Cleaning Air-Cooled Condenser Units

Three methods are normally employed for air-cooled condensing unit cleaning. The method is determined by the degree of build-up on the coils. Wire brushing, soapy water solutions or a chemical cleaning are the options. Having taken extreme care with chemical cleaning, the technician must make sure that any residue is flushed from the surface and then completely dried.

An important part of cleaning the unit is to avoid damaging the fins and coil surface. Damage will result in inefficient operation and further restrict air flow through the coil, causing the unit to operate less efficiently. The delicacy of the maintenance operation requires a professional, certified technician to perform all maintenance functions. Untrained staff-maintenance personnel are usually not qualified to work on this type of equipment.

Regular Air-Cooled Condensing Unit Maintenance

We will determine the frequency needed to mainttain your air-cooled condensing units based on the average monthly usage, ambient environment, and the cooling demand.

Regular preventative maintenance service for your air-cooled condensing units offers the following benefits:

  • Eliminate costly service calls
  • Keep the equipment running efficiently
  • Extend the productive life of the equipment
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Avoid downtime and work interruption

The age of the unit may also play a part in how frequently service may be needed. Older units usually require more inspections. At a certain point, the cost of replacing your condensing units will become lower than the cost of maintaining them. Improvements in technology has made newer air-cooled condensing units much more efficient and therefore less costly to maintain. These units are also eco-friendlier, helping to reduce your company’s overall carbon footprint.

If replacement appears to be the better option for your business, your General Mechanical technician will create a detailed cost analysis for your replacement to compare the cost of the new installation versus the operating costs of your current equipment.

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Schedule Air-Cooled Condensing Unit Maintenance in Chicago

Regular maintenance from General Mechanical is one of the best things you can do to keep your air-cooled condensing units operating at peak efficiency. Our technicians are certified to service commercial condensing units and have the experience to tackle any issues you may be experiencing. We are dedicated to your total satisfaction and efficiency.

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