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Air Handler Unit Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

While air handlers and air distribution equipment is extremely handy in keeping clean and conditioned air circulated throughout your building, it’s also a system that can accumulate significant wear and tear. Even in a short amount of time, accumulations of dirt and grime can rob your system of its ability to perform and efficiency. That’s why you need superior maintenance experts who can provide thorough and complete maintenance services. You’ll find that and much more with General Mechanical!

Our trained and licensed mechanical maintenance crews have been offering commercial businesses superior solutions and cost-efficient services for decades. Whether you own or operate a retail store, a chemical plant, warehouses, or any other business, we can adeptly create a tailored maintenance program to suit your equipment’s needs.

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Why Do I Need Air Handler Maintenance?

All mechanical equipment will require consistent tune ups, cleaning, and inspections to ensure proper working order. You need mechanical system maintenance for the same reason you get a car tune-up! Better performance, better efficiency, and lower risks and costs.

Air handlers and similar IAQ/HVAC equipment systems are particularly important because they accumulate considerable grit and mess through the air they move, and the sheer consistency with which the equipment is used puts a lot of strain on them. This means diagnostics, cleaning, and calibrations are all vitally important to ensuring the continued good performance of your air handlers.

Air Handler Maintenance Services in Chicago, Illinois

At General Mechanical, we take a thorough and completely personalized approach to all system maintenance services. No two air handlers, or the duct and ventilation systems they’re incorporated into, are quite the same. That means for appropriate maintenance, the specific needs of your individual systems need to be taken into account. We assess your systems by the equipment type, age, frequency of use, type of business, and more in order to draw up and enact a maintenance program that meets your needs most effectively.

Our general maintenance services for air handler equipment include:

  • Component checks for tightness and to ensure no excessive wear
  • Filter cleaning and replacement as necessary
  • Condensate drain system cleaning and maintenance
  • Lubrication for applicable moving parts
  • Coil straightening
  • Belt and pulley assessment and replacement as needed
  • Electrical connection inspections
  • And more

Speak with a General Mechanical specialist today to find out more about joining up with General Mechanical for a complete custom maintenance plan for your Chicago air handler! Plans are built to suit your specific business needs, including all equipment like air handlers, HVAC, and more.

Advantages of Air Handler Maintenance

Maintenance is really just some cleaning, right? Not at all. By choosing to pursue routine maintenance services, you stand to gain quite a few advantages, including:

  • Improved equipment performance
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Extended air handler equipment lifespans
  • Parts preservation
  • Reduced risks of breakdowns and costly repairs
  • Less downtime

Schedule Air Handler Maintenance Services in Chicago, IL

Our service experts are proud to offer you full and complete mechanical maintenance and equipment tune ups. We’re dedicated to helping your business keep costs down, performance up, and productivity at its highest possible.

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