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Chiller Services in Chicago

Commercial & Industrial Chiller System Repair in Chicago

Commercial and industrial businesses all across Chicagoland rely on chiller systems in order to maintain optimal temperature and humidity ranges, both for processes and work space. They play a very critical role in how your business operates, and as such are vitally important to keep well-maintained. At General Mechanical, our service team has been offering complete chiller services to clients all across Chicago for years, and we stand ready to meet all of your chiller system needs.

Each member of our team holds extensive training and experience in handling chiller systems. From repair, to total system design and incorporation, we’ve handled it all many times over our 40 plus years of service. Our chiller service team carries specialized training and extensive experience with maintaining, installing, and repairing chiller systems. No matter what type of chiller system your business chooses, we carry the tools and knowledge to provide complete solutions in a timely, cost-effective, and precise manner!

To schedule your commercial or industrial chiller repair service in Chicago, IL, trust General Mechanical to provide! You can reach us online at any time, or feel free to call (847) 695-1177 to speak to our service professionals directly.

Chicago Chiller Installation & Replacement Services

If your building’s chillers are old and outdated or have not been properly maintained through the years, you may require chiller replacement. General Mechanical Services is here to help all types of commercial and industrial properties in the Chicagoland area, including data centers, manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, and more.

Gaining the advantages of a chiller system requires that your installation be flawless, from start to finish. That means working with professionals that can help you determine your specific and unique needs, match you with the ideal solution, and then install the new system perfectly. General Mechanical in Chicago has handled countless installation services for clients, and carries the knowledge needed to help you get the best match for your business!

Our installation and replacement process is detailed and exact, ensuring your chiller system is optimized for peak performance and efficiency, as well as optimal service life spans.

Our team is fully trained and capable of providing superior chiller installation services to commercial and industrial businesses. We can match your needs with the perfect system, and then offer the quality service you expect in order to integrate and initiate these new chiller systems according to your needs.

General Mechanical can provide all chiller system types and applications, including:

  • Centrifugal chillers
  • Screw chillers
  • Scroll chillers
  • Process chillers
  • Water and air cooled chillers
  • Reciprocating chillers

Currently have chiller systems installed, but experiencing constant breakdowns or drops in efficiency? If so, it’s time to take out the trash and get the dependable system you deserve! We can assess your exact system needs and either recommend a more optimal chiller option, or provide a complete new system replacement according to what you already had. No matter what you’re looking for in chiller systems, you’ll get it with us.

Chiller Maintenance Services

Chiller systems are tough stuff, and can accommodate a wide variety of needs as well as a demanding productivity schedule. But that doesn’t mean they can just go it alone and run forever. In order to maintain optimal performance and efficiency standards your system needs routine tune-up and maintenance services.

At General Mechanical we offer complete, custom maintenance solutions. We tour your business in order to examine each and every process and mechanism, building a routine that best suits your maintenance needs. This results in a streamlined service that is optimized for cost and time effectiveness.

General Mechanical provides complete service and maintenance services for chiller systems. Our services will match the needs of your unique system, as well as other variables, but will typically entail:


  • Operation
  • Efficiency
  • Refrigerant charge
  • Safeties and controls
  • Laboratory oil analysis
  • Vibration
  • Eddy current

  • For refrigerant leaks
  • Electrical connections
  • Oil levels
  • Contactors

  • Oil and filters assessed
  • Moving parts evaluated
  • External surfaces cleaned

Priority Chiller Repair Services in Chicago

If your chiller systems decide to go down it can put a swift and complete halt to all productivity. You require repair services that are quick, accurate, and place your needs for perfection first above all else. And with General Mechanical you’ll get all of that and then some. We are equipped with complete industry knowledge of all chiller systems, as well as top-class diagnostic equipment. This way we can find your chiller system problems fast, and accurately administer the right kind of repair to get things operating smoothly once again.

We know you can’t brook any downtime, and to ensure you never have to our emergency and priority repair services always place your needs before anything else. We pledge to offer complete and precise repair services to all of our Chicago-area clients, so you never have to stress when things start to go awry.

To learn more about our chiller services or schedule your replacement or maintenance project today, call (847) 695-1177 or fill out an online contact form directly from our website.

Industrial & Commercial Chiller Services in Chicago

At General Mechanical, we know that chillers play a critical role in the operation of commercial and industrial buildings, ensuring that your working environment is kept healthy and conducive to productivity. However, they require regular maintenance to ensure efficient and effective operation. If maintenance is neglected, you may find yourself in a position where your system unexpectedly breaks down or needs to be replaced more quickly than is desirable. General Mechanical Services is here to help Chicagoland businesses with any chiller needs—whether you want to sign up for a preventative maintenance plan or you need a chiller replaced fast.

To schedule your industrial chiller repair service in Chicago, call (847) 695-1177 or fill out an online contact form directly from our website.