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Cooling Tower Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

All throughout Chicago, manufacturers, laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, refineries, and more rely on cooling towers for process cooling. The technology is excellent for keeping operation temperatures stable and safe, providing easy access to effective control. But in order for towers to remain effective and, even more importantly, safe, developing a maintenance routine is vital.

The maintenance and mechanical service specialists at General Mechanical offer a full range of tune-up and inspection services for Chicago businesses! Our teams have the experience and attention to detail needed to bring you the best in overall maintenance and support, helping keep your business, clients, and associates safe and productive all year long.

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Why Do Cooling Towers Need Maintenance?

Just like any other cooling equipment or mechanical system, maintenance plays an important role in keeping your cooling towers effective and efficient, as well as preserving their operational lifespan. Cooling towers in particular require additional care even beyond that of other systems. This is because of the common risks associated with stagnation, including the potential incubation of harmful pathogens such as Legionella, as well as an increased tendency toward corrosion and wear.

With proper maintenance, you will not only notice performance and cost-efficiency benefits, but you’ll preserve the health of employees and clients as well. This is why we take every step possible to ensure your cooling tower maintenance needs are met in full.

How to Maintain Cooling Towers in Chicago

Cooling towers necessitate a very thorough maintenance process. For ideal results, all major equipment and components must be thoroughly inspected and checked for performance, basins must be disinfected and cleared, and fan housings need to be checked for debris and possible mold.

The General Mechanical team offers a top-to-bottom maintenance service for all cooling tower systems, providing the in-depth service and results you would expect from industry leaders in mechanical maintenance.

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Custom Cooling Tower Maintenance in Chicago, IL

Our maintenance services begin with a full assessment of your cooling towers, mechanical systems, and all cooling equipment. By starting with a full suite inspection, we can build a maintenance program that is effective, thorough, and streamlined in order to maximize benefits and reduce daily operations interruptions.

By receiving maintenance from the General Mechanical team you can expect:

  • Minimized downtime and potential repair costs
  • Streamlined cooling tower performance
  • Longer equipment lifespans
  • Healthier and safer workspaces
  • Reduced energy costs
  • And more

We take every step possible in ensuring you get the most from your cooling tower equipment, including offering a full cost/benefit analysis of your existing equipment. If our experts find that we could save you money or improve performance via automation, upgrades and replacements, or any of our other mechanical services, we will create a complete report to share with you and will discuss how best to meet your cooling needs.

Schedule Cooling Tower Maintenance Services in the Chicagoland Area

Our team strives to bring you the best in cost-effective services, reliability, and superior solutions. For over 30 years, we’ve been building strong, long-lasting business relationships with clients, so when you need cooling tower services in Chicago, you know who you can trust.

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