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Industrial Exhaust Fan Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

Maintenance Programs That Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Proper ventilation and exhaust are vital to keeping air quality up in your commercial or industrial business. And while these tools, appliances, and systems are sturdy overall, they’re also subjected to constant use that will take its toll over time. Professional maintenance of these systems is vital for continued smooth operation and reduced risks, which is why our maintenance specialists at General Mechanical of Chicago offer complete exhaust and ventilation maintenance services!

Our trained and experienced teams have been serving Chicagoland businesses for decades. Whether you own or manage a retail store, manufacturing facility, lab, hospitality center, or any other commercial business, we have the skills necessary to keep your specialized equipment in peak condition.

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Exhaust & Ventilation System Maintenance Services in Chicagoland

Both exhaust and ventilation equipment are responsible for keeping air clean and free of debris, as well as boosting HVAC efficiency and air handler quality. These systems must be rigorously and routinely maintained in order to keep them in proper order. However, no two systems are exactly alike, which means your chosen maintenance teams must be capable of assessing your unique needs and creating a detailed custom maintenance program according to these.

At General Mechanical, we have extensive experience in the handling, installation, design, and service of all exhaust and vent systems. We will begin our service by analyzing all on-site equipment and drawing up a detailed maintenance plan, and then we will execute that plan in order to address your business’s needs completely.

Ask a General Mechanical expert today about our maintenance agreement programs! Custom programs add value to our services and provide you with further support, services, and discounts.

The Advantages of Routine Exhaust Maintenance

Continuous cleaning and tune-up services are worth considerably more than just an ounce of prevention. By choosing to pursue routine maintenance, you can gain many advantages, including:

  • Reduced component wear to extend equipment life span
  • Improved performance and equipment energy efficiency
  • Better building and room air quality
  • Reduced risk of downtime
  • Less risk of costly fan and vent repair

Exhaust Fan Maintenance Inspection Checklist

All elements of an exhaust fan and system should be carefully inspected. These include:

  • Bearings: usually the source of the biggest fan problems
  • Belts: these need to be checked and replace whenever wear begins to show
  • Blades: buildup of grime and residues on the blades can  cause imbalance and poor performance
  • Inlets, shafts, access ports, main drive and outlets should be regularly inspected and cleaned.
  • Connectors: used to isolate fan vibrations from the system, these will malfunction when worn or broken
  • Louvers and Dampers: if clogged or inoperable, these will affect fan and exhaust performance
  • Motors: the most vulnerable part, motors should be checked for operating efficiency and repaired or replaced when they begin to falter

Schedule Exhaust Fan Maintenance in Chicagoland

For over 60 years, General Mechanical has been the team of experts that local businesses can turn to for superior solutions, top-class parts and products, and results. We place our focus on helping you get the best in the business, whether we’re performing complete design and installation, or even just a routine cleaning and tune-up.

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