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Commercial businesses in Streamwood are naturally concerned about having the healthiest and best indoor air quality, with optimal ventilation and HVAC performance. This allows your business to support employee and customer well-being. At General Mechanical, we offer exhaust fan installation and ventilation system services to help make your warehouse, factory, office building, or other workplace comfortable and productive.

Count on General Mechanical when your business needs:

  • New ventilation system design
  • Exhaust fan system repair
  • HVAC efficiency upgrades
  • Ventilation system maintenance
  • Cost-effective HVAC solutions for business
  • And much more

Get expert exhaust system installation and repair services for Streamwood businesses. Contact General Mechanical at (224) 407-5835 today.

Exhaust Fan & Ventilation Design for Commercial Businesses

With our decades of experience in ventilation planning and installation, General Mechanical can design an exhaust system to keep your indoor air circulating, clean, and fresh. We work with multiple industries, including:

  • Food handling and kitchens
  • Hospitality services, such as hotel kitchens
  • Storage facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Hazardous materials handling
  • Commercial manufacturing plants
  • And more!

When you need a new commercial ventilation or HVAC system, contact the industry design experts at General Mechanical. Call us at (224) 407-5835 now!

Industrial Exhaust Fan & System Repair in Streamwood

Faulty ventilation systems can interrupt business and cause workplace health problems. Our team provides expert repair services to get your ventilation systems back online quickly. We repair:

  • Wall-mounted exhaust fans, which increase airflow and improve HVAC efficiency, helping to avoid corrosive condensation and stale air.
  • Roof-mounted exhaust systems, often attached to kitchen stove vent hoods, which clear out hot, humid, odorous air to refresh indoor air quality.
  • Shutter-mounted ventilation and exhaust fans, which work well in sequestered or separate rooms and workplaces.
  • Supply fans, typically equipped with filtration, which pull fresh air into spaces, displacing poor-quality interior air.
  • And more.

Commercial Exhaust Fan & Ventilation Maintenance in Streamwood

General Mechanical offers maintenance service plans to help companies prevent costly breakdowns and ensure your exhaust system is working optimally. Our service and maintenance programs, with comprehensive cleaning, component checks, and more, help your business:

  • Avoid costly repairs and part replacements by catching issues early
  • Ensure energy-efficient operations to keep energy costs down
  • Prolong the useful life of your exhaust fans and ventilation equipment
  • Minimize interruptions to your operation and productivity losses

General Mechanical provides comprehensive maintenance for your exhaust fan and ventilation systems in Streamwood, IL. Contact us at (224) 407-5835 now!

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation and Exhaust Systems for Manufacturing Plants

In commercial kitchens, good ventilation and cool, clean air are vital. Our team is ready to design a system to meet your needs, whether you run a restaurant kitchen, hotel catering, or school cafeteria. Our team can also upgrade or retrofit your existing system, and provide repairs and maintenance.

At manufacturing plants, employees may be exposed to gases, hazardous chemicals, or other potentially harmful materials. In these conditions, it is vital that your ventilation and exhaust system is extremely effective.

We design, install, repair, and maintain industrial ventilation systems to help keep your employees healthy and productive.

Let us send an expert to your Streamwood location to offer advice on optimal placement for your exhaust system, provide equipment recommendations, and more. Contact General Mechanical online or call (224) 407-5835 now!

Why Choose General Mechanical for Industrial Ventilation Services?

Searching for an experienced mechanical contractor in Streamwood? We have served the ventilation and HVAC needs of commercial businesses in Illinois since 1973.

Choose us because we offer:

  • Nearly 50 years’ experience in the commercial HVAC business
  • Well-trained, experienced, and union-certified technicians
  • Friendly, professional, and customized service built around your business needs
  • 24-hour emergency service

Streamwood businesses trust General Mechanical for commercial exhaust fan installation, system design, repairs, and maintenance. Contact us online or at (224) 407-5835 to learn more about our services today!