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Fan Coil Split System Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

Though there are many potential applications for a fan coil system, all of them require precise care and maintenance if they are to be expected to perform adequately for your business. Fan coils in heating systems, cooling equipment, and other split HVAC systems are a necessity for keeping your employees and clients comfortable, and so you don’t want to place the responsibility of their care to just anyone. You want professionals you can trust—ideally, ones with considerable experience and a commanding knowledge of all fan coil split systems.

For fan coil split system maintenance, as well as other mechanical maintenance services, you’ll find the professionals at General Mechanical to be the ideal choice. We have been proudly serving Chicago area clients for over three decades, offering peerless solutions at affordable prices.

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Why Maintain Fan Coil Systems?

Fan coil systems are typically comprised of the fan, motor, and the heat exchanger. All of these components work together in order to provide a highly effective yet simple method of maintaining temperature and air quality. However, simple does not mean impervious. In fact, fan coils typically run across far more dust and debris than other mechanical systems within a business, and the fact that they are often run 24 hours a day only adds to the issues of general wear and tear.

Maintenance is absolutely vital for keeping air quality and temperatures within your business under control, and the service also provides much-needed system sanitation and tuning, helping to alleviate potential breakdown risks and also boost the energy efficiency of the system as a whole.

How to Maintain Fan Coil Split Systems

The maintenance of fan coil split systems is generally fairly simple overall—however, the environment in which the machine operates absolutely must be taken into account in order to determine correct maintenance intervals. A typical maintenance service should include a thorough inspection and cleaning of all internal and external components, it should include a filter change, and, in order to minimize wear, it should also include the correct application of lubrication to moving parts.

At General Mechanical, our technicians have been handling split system and specialized fan coil systems for decades. We have become extremely adept and efficient in the maintenance process, as well as in determining the necessary frequency of service. In other words, if you count on us, you can expect your system to get the care and precision it requires.

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Fan Coil Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

Our maintenance process always begins with a thorough analysis of your business’ needs. We include factors such as the age of the equipment, the environment in which the system operates, how frequently the system is used, and the type of business you operate. With all of this in hand we can build a custom maintenance program that will:

  • Reduce potential breakdown risks and boost overall performance
  • Streamline energy use, which helps to keep utility costs to a minimum
  • Extend the lifespan of your fan coil system, protecting your investment

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When you require a service team that cuts no corners and always puts your unique needs first, you only need to know one name in Chicago: General Mechanical! We put our 30 years of experience and expertise to work for you, helping your business run as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

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