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Gas-Fired Unit Heater Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

The winter season in Chicago has some serious bite, making an effective heating solution absolutely vital to the comfort and health of your employees, clients, and associates. Loss of heating performance is simply not an option, nor is poor efficiency. To keep your system working at peak effectiveness, it needs to be maintained with precision and care, and preferably at the hands of trained and certified professionals.

General Mechanical Services has been providing top-tier heating maintenance and performance evaluation services to commercial businesses in Chicago for over six decades. Our service professionals build tailored maintenance programs to meet all of your gas-fired unit heater maintenance needs, from comprehensive cleaning to in-depth component inspection.

When seeking maintenance for your Chicago gas-fired unit heater systems reach out to General Mechanical any time. You can reach us online, or dial (847) 695-1177 to reach a service specialist today!

Why Do Gas-Fired Unit Heaters Need Maintenance?

Unit heaters are frequently used in both main heating applications and as a supplement to ducted heating equipment. Regardless of your particular configuration, the fact remains that you depend on your heating systems extensively during the winter months. Consistent use is what the unit was built for, but it will still wear the unit down over time.

Dirt and debris, component wear, and electrical complications can all still arise. Maintenance aims to mitigate and prevent the majority of issues, as well as to increase efficiency and overall heating performance.

Our Gas-Fired Unit Heater Maintenance Services

No two systems, or how they are applied, are going to be the same. That means the service needs to take that into account. At General Mechanical our service teams generate unique maintenance services for each client we serve. A typical maintenance service includes component inspections and performance evaluation, cleaning to remove debris, wiring and electrical inspections, and much more.

Energy Assessment & Maintenance Contracts

The advantages of a maintenance service are best observed over a span of time, and maintenance itself will provide more benefits overall if performed regularly rather than piecemeal. General Mechanical offers per-client maintenance programs uniquely generated for suiting each particular need. By creating a custom plan, we can ensure your needs are met consistently in the ways that minimize downtime for your business.

This service also enables us to monitor your equipment and to notify you when replacement or an upgrade may be the more beneficial choice. Through an extensive cost/benefit analysis, General Mechanical can help you make the right call with top-class ENERGY STAR® qualified heating products.

Contact General Mechanical for Gas-Fired Unit Heater Maintenance in Chicago, IL

General Mechanical has been serving commercial and industrial businesses in Chicago for many decades. Whether you manage a food service business, retail, warehousing, manufacturing, or any other business, our professionals can offer the streamlined solutions and cost-minded service you need to keep daily operations running smoothly and comfortably.

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