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Make-Up Air Unit Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

Make-up air units provide a wide range of commercial business with the means to keep air quality up and pollutants low. These systems are, however, under near-constant assault from outdoor debris and the wear and tear caused by daily operation. This makes maintenance an absolute necessity, and it also makes General Mechanical you best friend when it comes to keeping make-up air systems in top shape!

The service teams and technicians at General Mechanical have been offering commercial clients in Chicago the best in comprehensive maintenance and mechanical care services for well over three decades now. Providing top tier service, reliable technicians that focus on your needs, and maintenance programs that offer more benefits and results than any other team in the area, we’re the name to know for mechanical service in Northern Illinois.

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Why Do Make-Up Air Units Need Maintenance?

There is simply no such thing as a mechanical system that can go without consistent maintenance. The more frequently the equipment is used, and the more variables that that equipment is exposed to, the more it needs maintenance in order to remain properly functional and effective. As you may expect, make-up air systems need as much maintenance as your heating and cooling systems, if not more.

When make-up air systems aren’t maintained, it can lead to serious degradation of the system as a whole, as the fans begin to wear and become inefficient and the control systems can become highly ineffective. This leads to many common problems including backdrafting, air quality issues, and negative air pressurization.

How to Maintain Make-Up Air Units

Maintenance works to counteract the problems commonly associated with equipment age and wear. But if you expect to get results, the service needs to be precise and comprehensive. Blower components must be cleaned and sanitized regularly, moving parts must be lubricated and inspected for signs of wear, electrical controls must be calibrated and checked for accuracy, and ductwork should be checked for potential leaks and other common signs of damage.

The team at General Mechanical provides all of the above maintenance services and then some, taking all of the steps necessary to ensure your make-up air systems are cared for completely and effectively.

Our Complete Make-Up Air Maintenance Services in Chicago

Our specialists examine your complete make-up air unit and associated systems, including the exhaust system in order to create the ideal maintenance service, both in frequency and depth of service. With our team providing consistent maintenance service you can expect:

  • Reduced instances of breakdowns and costly repairs
  • Higher system energy-efficiency and reduced energy waste
  • Improved overall air quality within your business
  • Longer equipment lifespan

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Schedule Make-Up Air Unit Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

At General Mechanical, we employ industry leaders in mechanical service and maintenance. With our experience and dedication to a higher level of quality and service, you can expect not only the results you expect, but the results your business deserves.

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