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Pneumatic / DDC Controls in Chicago

Optimizing Your Pneumatic System With DDC

Do you currently have an underperforming pneumatic HVAC system for your commercial or industrial building in the Chicago area? Would you like it to begin performing well again without having to entirely rework your current system? At General Mechanical Services, we are experienced at incorporating direct digital control (DDC) into an existing pneumatic system. Wireless DDC can optimize control to keep you from losing time or energy. This decreases the overall cost of the unit while still protecting your investment in an HVAC system.

Direct digital control systems can offer your business a time-saving and cost-effective means of optimizing pneumatic HVAC systems. If you’re dreading shelling out for replacements or complete system revamps, then don’t—instead seek DDC solutions from the specialists at General Mechanical in Chicago!

Our specialists carry extensive experience and top training in devising, designing, incorporating, and operating direct digital control systems. We can find the ideal system to solve your efficiency and performance problems, saving you cost and frustration. For perfect service in Chicago at the hands of industry-leading specialists dedicated to offering you the best, trust General Mechanical.

If you want to learn more about DDC for pneumatic HVAC systems in Chicago, contact General Mechanical today. You can reach our specialists online to get started, or call us directly at (847) 695-1177!

How Direct Digital Control Can Benefit Your Business

Pneumatic systems are widely accepted as one of the most efficient and effective temperature control solutions in commercial and industrial grade HVAC. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t tons of room to improve. Pneumatic systems are rife with individual indicators and sensors, which frequently leads to inaccurate readings and thus overall far less efficiency than you could be getting.

DDC systems are directly integrated into pneumatic systems and run consistent system diagnostics and protocols that streamline the pneumatic system. This results in finer-tuned controls, far more efficient system operation, and can end up saving you tons on cost. They also can provide vital information to maintenance teams, helping to identify risks and problems early on.

DDC Allows for Intelligent HVAC System Usage

Adding DDC to an existing HVAC system can better allow for precision.

A few of the ways that DDC optimizes your HVAC system include:

  • Zone-specific comfort
  • System coordination
  • Scheduling for holidays and work hours
  • Trend monitoring
  • Load shedding
  • Electronic temperature sensors
  • Computer-based data collection
  • Economizer control
  • Reading airflow rates
  • Remote adjustment of parameters

Sensor data can send alarms and notifications to alert service personnel. If any of these are aspects of your pneumatic system that need to be addressed, talk to one of our credentialed technicians.

Maintenance Matters for Chicago-Area Industrial and Commercial Properties

General Mechanical Services offers maintenance plans to save you time and money while working to extend the life of your HVAC system. We provide maintenance for your equipment, keeping everything from fan coil spilt systems to rooftop units running smoothly.

Regular maintenance can help do the following:

  • Minimize unexpected and costly maintenance calls
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Prevent service calls for broken down equipment
  • Keep equipment well maintained so it lasts longer
  • Avoid downtime for repairs


General Mechanical Provides Complete Maintenance Programs in Chicago

The root of keeping your vital systems and controls in peak condition is routine, professionally-administered maintenance services. At General Mechanical our team is specially trained and equipped to provide complete maintenance solutions and services for all of your critical HVAC, DDC, piping, and industrial machine systems!

Our maintenance services are customized according to your business, offering services that fit your unique needs squarely and perfectly. This way you can optimize your business for higher efficiency, performance, and system longevity, as well as reducing common repair and breakdown risks that cause downtime.

Why Choose General Mechanical for DDC HVAC Controls in Chicago?

Since 1973, the specialists and maintenance team at General Mechanical have been offering clients in Chicago, IL the best in total services and system maintenance. We place an emphasis on bringing our clients the perfect services and not just any old solution. We want the best for your business, and to ensure you get it we always provide:

  • Trained specialists with over 40 years combined in the industry
  • Union-certified and up-to-date experts for all projects
  • Services that aim to make this a long-term solution, building a successful and mutually beneficial relationship
  • Top-quality products and integrated systems
  • Complete 24-hour emergency services

Reach out through our online contact form or by calling us at (847) 695-1177 to schedule an appointment for your commercial HVAC system in Chicago.