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Pulse Furnace Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

No commercial business will get very far once winter settles in without an effective furnace system. You need strong and reliable heat, a system that is going to perform well long-term, and one that will function as efficiently as possible. For many businesses, the Pulse Furnace from Lennox is the ideal pick.

However, these systems are quite unique and becoming somewhat rare these days. You need a service team that carries in-depth knowledge of Pulse furnace systems and professionals that can offer thorough, comprehensive maintenance services. And for those and more, you’ll be happy to know that the mechanical specialists at General Mechanical are more than capable!

Do you need a service team that has the training, skills, and experience needed to keep your Pulse Furnace in peak condition? Call General Mechanical by dialing (847) 695-1177 or contact us on the web to schedule Pulse furnace maintenance in Chicago!

Why Pulse Furnace Maintenance Is Important

A Pulse Furnace operating in your Chicago business is in no way exempt from the common complications that can ruin any heating system, modern or old. Mechanical wear and tear are always a concern, and even worse in the case of a Pulse, replacing components has become a huge and potentially costly headache.

This is why it is vital that your system receive routine and thorough maintenance services, as comprehensive cleaning, inspections, testing, and calibrations are the ideal way to ensure you get the full efficiency benefits and working lifespan out of your system.

Comprehensive Pulse Furnace Maintenance Service in Chicago

Boasting efficiency ratings that could exceed 95 percent AFUE, the Lennox Pulse is exceptionally popular and for good reason. The system uses a somewhat unique exhaust cycle and unusual mechanical configuration which lends it its famous reliability and power. That said, because of the rarity of this system these days, understanding how they work—and how to properly maintain them—has become less than common knowledge.

We’re glad to say that at General Mechanical, our service teams are abundantly adept at handling all Lennox heating systems, including the Pulse Furnace. From maintaining and replacing the flapper valve to ensuring gas pressure is healthy and effective, General Mechanical can handle it all. Our team has built a unique maintenance program that addresses the specific needs of your system, ensuring it receives the appropriate amount of care and attention necessary.

With our maintenance specialists on the job, you can expect:

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Increased performance and heating capability
  • A reduced risk of breakdowns and costly repairs
  • An extended service lifespan for your Pulse Furnace

Schedule Pulse Furnace Maintenance in Chicago, IL with General Mechanical

For decades, our service experts have been bringing cost-effective custom maintenance solutions to business owners and managers in Chicago, Illinois. We understand that you want your Pulse working well for years, and we have the in-depth training and understanding needed to ensure you get it!

Reach out to General Mechanical online now to schedule maintenance service, or to discuss joining with our team for a comprehensive mechanical maintenance program!