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Radiant Heating in Chicago

Commercial & Industrial Building Radiant Heating

Heating systems within your business play a crucial role in productivity, employee comfort and health, and client satisfaction. That means these systems need to be installed to perfection and maintained routinely in order for you to maximize business potential in the Chicago area. Are you looking for a team that can provide ideal radiant heating solutions to suit your exacting needs? If so look no further. You just found General Mechanical!

Our specialists have been offering leading heating services to commercial and industrial clients throughout Chicagoland and the surrounding areas of Northern Illinois for decades. To meet your needs our team utilizes top-of-the-line heating equipment and extensive training, helping you gain access to dedicated union technicians that put your needs first.

When you need radiant heating installation, replacement, or routine maintenance services in Chicago contact General Mechanical! Feel free to dial (847) 695-1177 to speak with our heating project team at any time.

Industrial & Commercial Radiant Heat Replacement in Chicago

Radiant heating makes for a powerful tool to optimize comfort and productivity for your business. But in order for it to provide you with all of its advantages, and for it to do so for the foreseeable future, it must be designed, chosen, and installed according to your unique structural and personal requirements. At General Mechanical we take your need for ideal radiant heating seriously, building a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that guarantees powerful heating even in the worst winter weeks.

If you currently enjoy radiant heating in your business but your current system is starting to falter in your time of need our experts can provide perfect system replacement services. We service and install most major heating brands so you know you can always expect an ideal product when working with us.

The installation process is complex but with over 40 years of experience and a team of fully trained and certified professionals working on each project, we are fully equipped to handle your commercial or industrial replacement. We work with most major brands and can help you select the best radiant heat replacement system to meet your building’s needs and budget while maximizing energy efficiency and comfort.

Radiant Heating Maintenance Services

Each system is somewhat unique, meaning maintenance services have to be able to conform to your needs rather than some cookie-cutter system. General Mechanical takes into account the specific workings of your heating equipment in order to formulate a tailored plan that guarantees greater efficiency and longevity. We utilize superior equipment and draw on over 40 years of experience in order to streamline our maintenance services to suit you.

With radiant heating maintenance from General Mechanical you can anticipate:

  • Greater heating comfort and quality
  • Reduced energy and fuel consumption
  • Lower heating costs
  • Longer heating system lifespans
  • High productivity levels

Industrial & Commercial Radiant Heat Repair

Being stuck without proper heating is simply not an option once the winter weather sets in. If you encounter complications or a breakdown with your radiant heating equipment our team can provide the fast, accurate repairs you need! We’re on call and ready to serve at any time, bringing you repairs that keep costs down and comfort as high as possible.

Call us at (847) 695-1177 to schedule your radiant heating repair in Chicago today!


  • Safety devices and controls
  • Operating system
  • Efficient performance



  • Burner and flue pipe
  • Vent terminal and fresh air inlet
  • Blower wheel and motor



  • Burners
  • Igniter


Why Choose General Mechanical Services for Radiant Heating Services in Chicagoland?

There are a number of reasons commercial and industrial businesses throughout Chicago come to us for all their radiant heating needs. Here are just a few:

  • We are a family-run business that offers personalized service, customizing each radiant heat project to the unique commercial or industrial facility.
  • We have been providing commercial and industrial heating services to the Chicagoland area since 1973.
  • An extended warranty covers most of our repairs.
  • 24-hour emergency service is available.

If you are ready to get started with radiant heating maintenance or to replace your existing system within your commercial or industrial property, contact us today. We serve manufacturing facilities, plants, warehouses, education facilities, and many other buildings throughout Chicagoland.

Contact us to schedule your radiant heating services in Chicago or call (847) 695-1177 to see how we can help.