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Radiant Tube Heating Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago winter months demand that a heating system be powerful, efficient, and above all, reliable. For many commercial businesses radiant tube, or radiant infrared gas fired heating systems, are the ideal choice. However, these systems are not at all immune to wear and tear, meaning they require extensive professional maintenance in order to remain effective. General Mechanical can meet all of your radiant tube maintenance needs.

General Mechanical Services has been providing comprehensive maintenance programs and extensive mechanical maintenance services to clients in Chicago for over 60 years. Our breadth of knowledge and exhaustive training enables us to provide all that is required to keep your radiant tube heating optimal and efficient. In other words if you’re looking to cut operational costs and bolster overall comfort in your place of business, you’re in the right place.

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Why Do I Need Radiant Tube Heating Maintenance?

Depending on your business sector, you might rely on your heating equipment for a partial day, an entire day, or even days or weeks at a time. Regardless of your usage, your radiant tube system will take on a measure of wear and tear that will, over time, begin to decrease the unit’s efficiency and overall effectiveness. Professional maintenance is the ideal counter to the complications that can arise from a lack of tuning and care, and it helps to streamline the performance of the unit, as well as increase the overall service lifespan of the system.

How frequently you need maintenance may differ depending on the age and type of radiant tube heating system you use, the frequency of use, as well as other factors. That’s why it is imperative to choose a service team that can assess your needs accurately and generate an effective, tailored plan.

Radiant Tube Heating Maintenance Services in Chicago, IL

The service teams at General Mechanical offer comprehensive maintenance services that are customized according to each specific client and their needs. By creating an appropriate routine, we can ensure greater performance and energy savings. Our typical radiant tube maintenance program includes:

  • General cleaning for reflectors, air inlets, vent pipes, heat exchanger, electrodes, and other vital components
  • Performance evaluation and routine diagnostics to catch complications or signs of wear and damage
  • Damage and wear checks for all components and systems
  • Thermostat and sensor control inspections, electrical connection inspections

Maintenance Service Plans & Energy Management Services

Our service programs and energy management plans can help you save more and expect more when it comes to your commercial business’ heating equipment. Maintenance programs include all necessary maintenance, calibration, tune-ups, and additional care services, giving you access to professional-level maintenance that can suit your needs with supreme accuracy.

With the support of our maintenance teams, you can expect:

  • Longer lifespans from your Chicago radiant tube heating equipment
  • Higher comfort levels and heating performance
  • Minimized risk of downtime and costly repairs
  • Higher efficiency and reduced energy consumption and waste

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If you own, operate, or manage a business in the Chicagoland area, you can count on General Mechanical for all of your HVAC and mechanical maintenance needs. With our experience and dedication on your side, your business will stay warmer, run smoother, and cost considerably less to keep comfortable!

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