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Reciprocating Chiller Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

Reciprocating chillers make up a considerable majority of the chiller equipment used in industrial and commercial applications. They are popular primarily for their reliability, easy access and maintenance, and overall efficiency once in place. However, just because the maintenance isn’t complex does not mean it is easy. It takes considerable skill and experience to appropriately maintain reciprocating chillers. You’ll find both qualities and more with the specialists at General Mechanical!

Our industrial HVAC service experts have been helping Chicago area business owners get the most from their chiller equipment for over 30 years. By offering customized services, streamlined maintenance programs, and superior quality, we can make certain your chiller equipment performs reliably and effectively for as long as possible.

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Why Do Reciprocating Chillers Need Maintenance?

Basically for the same reasons any mechanical system needs it. Maintenance is the ideal method of ensuring your equipment operates as it was intended to and the best way to protect your investment. Whether your chillers are used for building cooling, process chilling, or a custom application, the odds are high that you rely on them at all times. And while they can perform well in most conditions, that consistency of use takes its toll over time.

General wear is the leading cause of downtime and poor performance—things that effective maintenance will either mitigate, or completely prevent. In short, you want your chiller equipment to operate well and reliably, and maintenance is the way to ensure that happens.

How to Maintain Reciprocating Chillers

Keeping reciprocating chiller equipment in order and good condition isn’t necessarily complex, but it requires in-depth understanding and an adherence to thoroughness. Moving components including pistons, air or water cooling and exhaust systems, crankshafts, and more all must be inspected routinely. Additionally, refrigerant must be checked for contaminants and potential leaks, and electrical safety needs to be ensured.

Finding a team capable of meeting all of these needs isn’t always easy, but at General Mechanical, we make it easy! Our specialists offer tailored solutions and custom maintenance programs, meaning no matter what application you use your reciprocating chillers for, or how frequently they run, we’ve got the tools and training to meet your every tune-up and inspection need.

Professional Reciprocating Chiller Maintenance in Chicago

Our specialists provide a full range of maintenance services for all Chicago industrial and commercial clients. When you choose maintenance with General Mechanical, you’ll see noteworthy benefits and changes in performance, including:

  • Less instances of downtime or costly repairs
  • Higher chiller performance
  • Reduced energy use
  • Longer equipment lifespans

Want to find out if you’re getting the most from your reciprocating chiller systems? In addition to our standard maintenance programs, our team also offers performance evaluation services. During standard maintenance, we can inspect the performance and overall efficiency of your chiller systems and build a cost/benefit analysis that shows where you could stand to gain more. Via upgrades, replacement and installation services, automation, and green refrigerant conversion, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save on costs.

Schedule Reciprocating Chiller Maintenance in Chicago

At General Mechanical, our team puts your needs above all else. We strive to provide services that are on time and on budget.! Whether your maintenance needs are simple, complex, or situated somewhere in between, we’re the Chicago maintenance experts you can trust.

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