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Steam Boiler Cleaning & Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

A steam boiler in an industrial or commercial facility is often operating 24 hours a day under heavy loads for a significant portion of the year. Without proper maintenance, its efficiency, reliability, and service life could be negatively impacted, leading to prolonged downtime for repairs, higher energy costs, and the possibility of a costly, premature replacement.

At General Mechanical, our steam boiler cleaning and maintenance services can help your business avoid downtime and losses due to problems with your boiler. We offer custom maintenance plans that are tailored to the specific needs of your equipment, and our talented, certified technicians can ensure that your boiler receives the care it requires to remain efficient and reliable. We serve industrial and commercial facilities throughout Chicago, providing commercial HVAC, refrigeration, piping services, and more.

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Our Steam Boiler Maintenance Services in Chicago

A steam boiler is a significant investment, and the best way to ensure it is protected is to provide ongoing, routine maintenance through a comprehensive maintenance program offered by a qualified commercial HVAC service. At General Mechanical, we have the experience and credentials to handle all the cleaning and maintenance needs for your steam boiler, and we offer maintenance programs that are specifically designed for your system.

An ongoing maintenance contract can:

  • Ensure your boiler receives the care it needs from a certified professional
  • Provide regular maintenance at the recommended intervals
  • Remove the maintenance burden from your staff
  • Replace worn parts early to avoid downtime
  • Keep the system clean and serviced to improve efficiency
  • Monitor performance and spot problems early
  • Provide 24-hour service for critical failures or malfunctions

Our maintenance services can help to extend the service life of your boiler while preventing unnecessary downtime and service calls.

General Mechanical Offers Customized Maintenance Programs

Because no two businesses or heating systems are exactly the same, your needs are somewhat unique. That’s why we take a comprehensive and tailored approach to our maintenance programs. Equipment will be evaluated and assessed thoroughly, enabling our teams to create a plan that suits your needs accordingly and exactly. Through our custom maintenance, you can rest assured the needs of your business will be completely met when it comes to heating!

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Boiler Maintenance & Energy Savings

At General Mechanical, our comprehensive maintenance programs can also increase the efficiency of your steam boiler, helping you to save energy and reduce your environmental impact. With basic maintenance like cleaning the burners and flue passages, replacing damaged firebrick or refractory materials, and adjusting gas pressures and air ratios, your boiler will require less energy to operate, saving money every month on your utility bills.

As your steam boiler ages, our team can perform a cost savings analysis to determine when the best time to upgrade will be. We will compare the cost of a new system to the expected monthly energy savings, and determine how long it will take to earn your investment back. We can then recommend the most appropriate time to upgrade, considering the operating costs of your current boiler.

At General Mechanical, we feature energy-efficient steam boilers from leading industry manufacturers, and by upgrading, you may be able to reduce your energy costs significantly.

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Schedule Steam Boiler Cleaning & Maintenance in Chicago, IL

With more than 40 years of industrial and commercial HVAC experience in the Chicago area, our team at General Mechanical is more than prepared to offer dependable, cost-effective steam boiler maintenance and cleaning services. Our maintenance programs are a great value, and they can help your company reduce costs while improving the efficiency and reliability of your boiler.

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