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Ventilation Systems in Chicago

Chicago Commercial & Industrial Ventilation Systems

Ventilation in the context of your Chicago business is about a lot more than just shifting some air from point to point. Ventilation is the key to better, cleaner air. Which means it is also the key to healthy, protected, and happy employees and associates, as well as a vital part of protecting your important business equipment. All of this and more make your ventilation a priority, and one that needs a trustworthy service team to keep things going smoothly. That’s why you need General Mechanical.

With over 60 years of industrial service in Chicago and the surrounding areas of Northern Illinois, our business is built upon a foundation of superior quality, reliability, and no small amount of hard work. We strive to make our commercial clients the absolute priority, helping you gain perfect mechanical solutions that are specifically fabricated and implemented to suit your unique needs.

When you need superior ventilation services in Chicagoland, trust the leading specialists at General Mechanical. Contact us online or reach us over the phone at 847-695-1177 to get started!

The Importance of Industrial & Commercial Ventilation in Chicago

Properly executed ventilation is ideal for helping to mitigate and remove harmful fumes, odors, gasses, and debris-laden air from your business. Through ventilation, you can improve employee health and comfort, increase productivity, and assist in maintaining adequate function for major mechanical systems and components.

Ventilation Services with General Mechanical in Chicago

Our team is your one stop source for comprehensive ventilation and exhaust services in Chicago, Illinois. We can meet your needs by offering a wide array of services that include:

Ventilation Design & Installation

Each business is wholly unique, facing vastly different challenges and daily complications. That means you need ventilation that is top-class, sure, but it also means your ventilation needs to be specially suited and customized for your exact needs. General Mechanical offers tailored ventilation services. We create a design plan wholly unique to your Chicago business, and provide installation that guarantees flawless performance.

We offer design and installation services for all major exhaust and ventilation systems, including:

  • Dilution ventilation. By displacing contaminated or low quality air, a dilution system can simultaneously remove junk air, and then replace it with clean, fresh air. Dilution works by essentially displacing contaminated air with clean, fresh air by way of a combo intake and exhaust.
  • Air quality ventilation. Installed alongside your current HVAC systems, air quality ventilation introduces clean air to your Chicago business on a consistent basis to keep things fresh, clean, and breathable.
  • Fan exhaust ventilation. If your industry features closed workspaces or spaces that are consistently exposed to harmful gasses and odors then you need exhaust ventilation. This system pulls out unwanted air, freeing your air handler systems to bring in clean air only.

Ventilation Repair Services

When your ventilation system fails to meet your needs, it can result in serious downtime and even potential health risks. Our service team takes your needs very seriously, and offers priority repair services for all major ventilation systems for Chicago area clients.

Routine Ventilation Maintenance in Chicago, IL

There is no part of your business that isn’t improved with attention to detail and routine caring for. Ventilation maintenance services offer Chicago clients routine cleaning, performance enhancement, inspections, and even more! Maintenance is our specialty, and we’re proud to offer our Chicagoland clients a service that will:

  • Maximize ventilation quality and minimize HVAC energy use
  • Mitigate and remove the risks of a breakdown
  • Extend the life span of your ventilation and exhaust systems
  • Optimize comfort within your facility

Aiding Chicago Businesses with Industrial & Commercial Ventilation

To be proactive and avoid a ventilation system breakdown, our maintenance services are an ideal way to ensure your system is working at its best. Designed to benefit you and avoid the hassle of major breakdowns, our maintenance plans help pre-empt breakdowns by making sure your system is running smoothly.

Here are just a few of the industries we service throughout Chicago:

  • Hospitality
  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Printing facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Laboratories
  • Healthcare centers
  • Chemical plants
  • Data centers

Maintenance Programs in Chicago

We offer complete maintenance services to all of our Chicago clients, including tailored maintenance service agreements. Our team will work with you to develop a maintenance schedule that offers you the absolute most in benefits and gains, helping you keep costs and discomfort down!

Energy Savings Through Commercial & Industrial Ventilation Maintenance

We care about the details of energy savings and put the most monetary savings back in your pocket by maintaining the health of your ventilation unit. By choosing maintenance for your commercial and industrial ventilation system, you are choosing to increase your energy efficiency, optimize indoor air quality, and conserve natural resources.

Green HVAC practices help improve your working conditions, extend the life-cycle of your ventilation systems, and decrease your monthly cost of operations. Our maintenance plans incorporate all of these cost saving measures. You can also request a cost analysis for variable frequency drives for existing motors to determine if a change in operating systems would help or hurt your bottom line.

Choose General Mechanical Services for Commercial & Industrial Ventilation in Chicago

With more than 60 years in the business, we are adept at managing emergent situations regarding your ventilation system, as well as ensuring regular maintenance minimizes the risk of future breakdowns. We customize each technician’s visit to your needs, making sure that your ventilation system is running at optimal efficiency. Choose General Mechanical Services for your Chicago area commercial and industrial ventilation needs—we optimize current systems through our maintenance package and handle emergencies!

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