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Industrial & Commercial Ventilation Repair in Chicago, IL

Industrial & Commercial Ventilation Repair in Chicago, IL

In a commercial or industrial facility, fresh, clean air is essential not only to the health of visitors and employees, but also to the performance and longevity of other equipment in the building. A faulty ventilation system can quickly impact productivity, affect vital equipment, and lead to lost profits, so when you need fast, expert repairs for your ventilation system, turn to our team at General Mechanical.

We have been in business since 1973, providing dependable, high-quality commercial heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and mechanical services. Our expert technicians can quickly find and correct problems with air handler units, make-up air units, exhaust hoods, and more. We serve businesses throughout the Greater Chicago area.

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Ventilation Repair Services in Chicago, IL

Clean air is important in any commercial or industrial facility. When you are having problems with the ventilation system in your Chicago building, talk to our experts at General Mechanical. We service all types of commercial ventilation equipment, including:

  • Air handlers – When your air handlers, fan coil, or make-up air unit has problems like a faulty blower motor, a damaged pulley, or a loose belt, you can count on our team for fast, cost-effective repairs.
  • Ducts – At General Mechanical, we can install, service, and replace air ducts, vents, and related components, plus we can design sheet metal ductwork systems that offer excellent performance.
  • Exhaust systems – Removing contaminated air from areas like commercial kitchens, welding stations, and paint boots is essential for maintaining high air quality. Our experts can repair all types of exhaust components, including hoods, motors, ducts, and more.

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Signs That Ventilation Repairs Are Necessary

Commercial ventilation systems can fail quickly, but more often, they will display signs of a problem for days or weeks beforehand. Call our experts at General Mechanical for commercial ventilation repair when you notice any of the following:

  • Poor air quality – If you notice unpleasant odors, excessive dust, fumes, smoke, or an increase in allergy symptoms, ventilation repairs may be necessary.
  • Temperature or humidity problems – A malfunctioning ventilation system can cause uneven temperatures, excessive humidity, or other comfort problems.
  • Increased utility costs – When a ventilation system is operating poorly, bringing in too much outside air, or not controlling humidity effectively, it can cause energy costs to increase.
  • Excessive noise – Worn, broken, or malfunctioning components in your ventilation system can lead to noisy operation.

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Avoid Unnecessary Repairs With Commercial Ventilation Maintenance

Routine maintenance for your commercial ventilation system is an excellent way to prevent future problems while catching developing problems early, before they cause downtime or costly repairs. At General Mechanical, we offer comprehensive maintenance services for your ventilation equipment, as well as custom maintenance plans that are a cost-effective way to keep all your mechanical equipment in great condition.

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Schedule Commercial Ventilation Repair in Chicago, IL

Give your employees and customers a clean, healthy environment with commercial ventilation repair from our professionals at General Mechanical. We can handle all your commercial heating, cooling, and ventilation needs, and we are available 24/7 for help any time your business needs it.

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