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Water & Air-Cooled Screw Chiller Maintenance in Chicago, Illinois

Air and water-cooled chiller systems offer a cost-efficient and highly reliable temperature control option that is appealing in a wide range of commercial businesses. But, just because a system happens to be effective, does not mean it is self-sustaining. Maintenance plays a critical role in ensuring your chiller equipment remains reliable and efficient, which is why the team at General Mechanical offers a full range of maintenance services for commercial and industrial chiller equipment.

The maintenance and service specialists at General Mechanical have been operating in the Chicago area for over three decades, offering clients customized services that aim to keep client’s equipment in peak form at all times. For complete water and air cooled screw chiller services in Northern Illinois, we’re the experts you can place your full trust in!

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Why Is Maintenance Important for Screw Chiller Equipment?

Maintenance is a very important part of protecting your cooling equipment investment. In short, no maintenance means that your systems begin to degrade. This causes losses in valuable efficiency, opens the equipment up to complications that can lead to breakdowns and, eventually, means an early retirement for the chiller system. Even worse, the impacts of not getting maintenance tend to compound, meaning that degrading becomes multiplicative, which leads to excess costs in combination with poor performance.

Professionally administered maintenance services counteract the effects of use and age, helping your system remain effective and efficient for as long as possible. It also shows value in lowering the risks of downtime and can help mitigate high repair costs.

How to Maintain Chicago Screw Chiller Systems

Chiller maintenance must be thorough and take into account the unique needs of your system and business. Typically, this means inspecting and services all components, checking refrigerant to ensure no contamination or leakage, and fully inspecting the electrical components of the system to ensure integrity and safe connections.

That said, no two systems or businesses are completely alike, meaning your maintenance service needs to be tailored. Our team goes the extra mile to build a maintenance program that fulfills all of your system’s needs, from standard services like cleaning and lubrication, as well as in-depth equipment checks and performance evaluations.

Routine Screw Chiller Maintenance in Chicago

The adept service team at General Mechanical offers comprehensive maintenance services in the Chicagoand area that aim to help your equipment perform better across the board. By seeking routine services you can anticipate:

  • Minimal downtime, if any, with your chiller equipment
  • Improved product performance and energy-efficiency
  • Extended screw chiller lifespans
  • Minimized energy costs
  • Better overall comfort
  • Reduced repair costs

Consumers also benefit even further through our analysis and performance evaluation services. By putting your system through its paces, our team can determine whether or not you could benefit from the replacement of your existing equipment. Potential benefits are shown through a standard cost/benefit analysis and often include refrigerant conversions, equipment upgrades, automation, and more.

Schedule Water & Air-Cooled Screw Chiller Maintenance in Chicago

If you’ve been looking for professionals that boost the range of services and necessary skill needed to service your screw chiller equipment in Chicago, you needn’t look any further. The specialists at General Mechanical can offer you the best in complete solutions, routine services, and cost-efficient benefits in the Chicagoland area!

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