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Zoned Systems in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Area Commercial & Industrial Zoned HVAC Systems

The basis of an effective heating and or cooling system in your business is getting one that meets your exact needs and environmental control requirements. Does your current system cool/heat too much, too little, or fail to adequately reach spaces within your facility? If so, then a zoned HVAC system from General Mechanical is your ideal solution.

Our heating and cooling service specialists have been proudly serving Chicago, Illinois area businesses for decades. We place vital importance on offering tailored services that meet your unique needs, and can offer complete zoning system services. Whether you’re looking for complete system design and installation, timely repair service, or a customized maintenance agreement, our team has your needs covered.

For complete zoning system services and solutions in Chicagoland get in contact with the experts at General Mechanical! You can catch us online at any time, or dial (847) 695-1177 to reach our service team!

How a Zoning System Operates

Zoning systems are a simple solution to a somewhat complex problem. These systems are designed to deliver heating and or cooling where it is needed, rather than attempting to brute-force heat or cool large areas at a single point. An independent thermostat system is installed in each “zone”, these zones being determined by an analysis of your structure’s needs.

From there a centralized monitoring system is established that will monitor information that includes whether or not employees/clients are in certain zones, temperature needs, and more in order to precisely deliver heating and cooling where it is needed most.

A zoned system operates in tandem with a variety of components in order to function accurately, including:

  • A system manager control pad which connects to a computer
  • Zone coordinators that decide where heat and air change-overs occur
  • Zone dampers to determine the airflow in ductwork by opening or closing access to the duct
  • Modulating compressors which change speed with temperature needs to funnel heat or cooled air where it is most needed

Zoned HVAC systems allow you to move heat from one area to another by recovering heat energy from one area and then repurposing it to another via directing it to the needed area’s ductwork—the ultimate in efficiency.

We provide regular maintenance services for your system to ensure it’s working at its best. When our technicians maintain the health of your unit, we examine its energy expenditures, inspect for failure prevention, and work to extend the life of your unit. This way you can stay proactive in taking care of this investment in your business, instead of reacting to a costly breakdown.

The Benefits of Zoned HVAC Systems

This system addresses many common problems with commercial and industrial HVAC, and provides numerous advantages over standardized heating and cooling. By installing a designed zoned system with General Mechanical you can anticipate:

  • Lowered heating and cooling costs. Precise control means your system only works as hard as it needs to, and a zoned system is king when it comes to precision. That means less energy used, more energy saved, and less cost to your business.
  • Higher comfort levels. Get the exact temperature ranges you want with no fluctuations, less unwanted hot or cold spots, and responsive proof against outdoor air intrusion.
  • Precise control and convenience. With numerous amenities and remote access to temperature control, keeping your business heated or cooled optimally has never been easier.
  • Better business productivity. A more comfortable and exactly controlled space means more comfortable and happier employees and clients, helping your business run as smooth as possible.

Tailored Zoned System Maintenance

Zoned systems are absolutely excellent at keeping your business running at peak, but they can’t operate all on their own! In order to optimize your benefits, reduce breakdown risks, and ensure perfect seasonal performance you’ll be needing professional maintenance services. At General Mechanical our maintenance service professionals work to formulate a service plan that addresses your specific and unique needs, ensuring you’ll be enjoying your investment for many years to come.

We offer zoned maintenance to the following industries:

  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Office Spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Spaces
  • Government Buildings
  • Data Centers
  • And More!

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